Go Medical has always had a strong focus on Research and Development. Our mission statement is

"Innovative Products To Improve Common Medical Procedures"

This helps to guide our thinking and development goals.

Over the last 25 years, we have built up strong relationships with local university and research facilities in Western Australia.

As we have big dreams of helping the world we have been aiming to develop relationships with other Universities throughout the world. If you are representing any university or research organisation and would like to communicate with us about possible relationships to developing medical technology, please feel welcome as we are keen to investigate possibilities of what we can do.

As well as working with universities we have worked with many other individuals and businesses with different relationships for very different reasons. Go Medical has always been keen to work with different people as we understand that improving patient care across the world is a shared goal that requires openness with communicating with other people. We also are very keen to protect our intellectual property and respect the intellectual property of others as we understand that our ideas and our people who come up with our ideas and develop them together are our greatest assets.