Go Medical Industries Pty Ltd is a family owned company based in Perth, Western Australia. It was established by Dr. George O’Neil in 1986 with the aim of developing innovative products for common medical procedures. As a trained obstetrics and gynecology physician with experience of working around the world including Australia, the United Kingdom and South Africa, he saw the need to for improvement in many of the common procedures that he was carrying out.

The first products that were developed by Go Medical were the O’Neil Vacuum cup and the O’Neil Urinary Catheter, a product that revolutionized the way intermittent urinary catheterization was carried out. The O’Neil Urinary Catheter was developed as a result of an observation made by Dr. O'Neil whilst researching bacterial colonisation of the female urethra. His observation that the majority of bacteria colonised the first 1.5cm of the urethra (up to the midurethral high pressure zone) lead to the development of an instrument with a rubber tip to bypass the high levels of bacteria at the meatus of the urethra, so as to collect samples further down the urethra. This early prototype led to the development of the O’Neil Urinary Catheter with its revolutionary introducer tip, designed to bypass this bacterial zone to reduce the risk of bacterial infections and the need to create a sterile filed prior to urinary catheterisation. With the development and marketing of the O’Neil Urinary Catheter around the world, Go Medical grew in size with the resulting profits being reinvested into the development of further devices.

Go Medical specializes in the manufacture of infusion devices (Springfusor® and Flow Control Tubing), intravenous tubing (V-Set), amniotomy device (Amnicot), intermittent urinary catheters (ONS) and Patient Controlled Anaesthesias devices (PCEA, PCIA & Nasal PCA’s). Go Medical has also worked with a number of international and Australian organizations in the development of specialized products to cater for a specific need.

In the late 1990s the development of a pharmaceutical arm was started due to the growing needs identified by Dr. O’Neil to develop pharmacological treatments in the area or addiction medicine. Go Medical Pharmaceutical division specializes in the development of implant technology and has a number of products at various stages of clinical evaluation in the development pipeline.

Go Medical is committed to reinvesting in research & development with a key focus in developing products that improve common medical procedures. Go Medical maintains a close relationship with a number of universities across the world to ensure that the benefits of its devices are recognised and analysed.

Go Medical products are licensed for sale in a number of countries around the world, including Australia, European Union and USA, and is certified to ISO 13485:2016 & EN ISO 13485:2016, Medical Device Directive, 93 / 42 EEC (CE Mark).

Go Medical's head office is based in Perth, Western Australia and works closely with its manufacturing subcontractors in Romania and Singapore to deliver high quality medical devices through our distributors around the world.

We invite you to try using our technology and see what it can do for you.