In 1999 a pharmaceutical division was created within Go Medical to initially research and develop slow release implant technology.

Early work focused on the development of a slow release long acting biodegradable implant, which would deliver a target drug over an extended period of time.

The first product to go into development was the OLANI (see OLANI Development Timeline). The OLANI has been in development for the past 16 years where it has been evaluated in a number of clinical and non clinical trials. The manufacturing techniques that have been developed have allowed a product that has a longer release profile, extending its therapeutic use. Go Medical has been in discussion with regulatory bodies around the world to help guide the product to registration. Currently further clinical trials are planned that would allow the registration of the product within the next few years.


Go Medical also has a number of other products that are in various stages of the development pipeline. If you are interested in working with Go Medical to help develop any of these products please contact us.