Patient V-Set Device

The V-Set devices are designed around a large bore, fast flow gravity fed infusions line to which any standard giving set may be attached. This line has an anti-reflux valve and includes a unique non-kink design, allowing fixing of the V-Set to the patient’s limb with a 180 degrees loop without fear of obstruction.

The V-Set has also been designed so that each line is independent with no common space, therefore minimising the risk of under dosing (any common space acts as a reservoir under slow drip rates of infusion fluid). This also minimises the risk of inadvertent bolus (increasing drip rate flushes an overdose from the common space to the patient).

The V-Set has a unique design that maximizes the quality assurance in accuracy and safety of infusions and injections.
Features include:

  • Each line is independent with no common space.
  • Dead space (line volume) is minimized.
  • Anti Kinking spring on Gravity Line.
  • Polyethylene lining on the Pump & Intermittent Injections lines prevents drug sorption.
  • A Range of Anti-reflux and swabable valves.
  • A Range of sets to meet clinical needs.


Product History

The v-set has been manufactured by Go Medical since 1985 and have been widely used by clinicians in Australia, Europe and the USA.


Intended Use

The V-Set is intended to be connected to a patient’s port or cannula via a luer lock fitting to provide multiple line access to a single site.  Once the V-Set is connected to a patient, infusions or bolus doses can be administered by connecting the relevant pump, syringe or drip set to the line required.  The V-Set is available in various configurations with one-way valves on the lines depending on the configuration selected.



  • For connecting multiple IV lines to a single IV cannula or port site.
  • Recommended for infusion rates of 20mL/hr or less.



  • Connecting any valve or fitting between the IV cannula and V-Set device will increase dead space and may affect or stop flow in the V-Set lines.


Device Variants

DescriptionProduct CodeeIFU's*
Double Lumen V-Set V2 GSS R LA VSE 719
Triple Lumen V-Set V3 GISS R LA VSE 720
Triple Lumen 3 Valve V-Set V3 3V R LA VSE 721
*Electronic Instructions For Use (eIFU)



Anti-Reflux Valve (Product Code ARV 002)

Anti-Reflux Valves may be supplied which can be added to the any of the V-Set lines to prevent backflow and prevent drug delivery pumps from alarming due to false blockages.  The Anti-Reflux Valves are supplied packaged individually and sterile.


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